Autism is a developmental disorder that results from a delay in maturation of the right hemisphere of the brain in addition to immaturity of certain areas of the brainstem.

This condition is typically diagnosed by the time a child is 3 years of age, as the early warning signs are hallmark for diagnosis. The number of children diagnosed with autism has grown in the modern day. In the 1970s, about one in every 2,000 children had autism. Today, one in only 150 children are estimated to be living with autism.

About This Condition

The Autism Spectrum

At the present time there are 5 disorders which are characterized on the Autism Spectrum of disorders:

1. Classic Autism
2. Asperger’s Syndrome
3. Pervasive Developmental Disorders-NOS (considered a more “subtle” form)
4. Rett’s Syndrome (genetic disorder only occurring in females)
5. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Signs of Autism

While autism does appear on a spectrum, there are common signs that point doctors towards a diagnosis of Autism. One of the most common signs is some form of social withdrawal, such as avoiding eye contact and physical touch, failure to recognize facial and visual cues and complete lack of awareness of others. We also see many patients that have a dependence on routine activities and can become preoccupied with a particular object or toy that becomes part of their routine. People living with autism may also present hyperkinetic body movements such as twiddling, pacing, hand flapping and rocking.

How We Can Help

Our team uses the best research in chiropractic neurology to determine a treatment plan that is specific to you. There are a variety of options when it comes to easing autism symptoms and we make sure that we target the best possible outcome for you and your child. Many of our therapies are focused on the right brain, with exercises such as testing primitive reflexes, balance and coordination training, combined eye-head therapies sensory therapies and more. Request an appointment with our doctors to learn more today.

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