If you have type 2 diabetes or you’re concerned about developing this disease, it’s important to seek out the best possible care. Maybe you have diabetes in your family history, or you know other factors are putting you at risk for its development—or perhaps you’ve been told you’re currently pre-diabetic. Seeking out the best possible care right now is smart in all of these cases. There is typically a lot that can be done for those who have type 2 diabetes as well as those who wish to avoid it.

When it comes to diabetes or any other chronic health issue, great care starts with a consultation that fully addresses your concerns and your health condition. Most people realize type 2 diabetes involves difficulties with blood sugar level regulation. Insulin resistance is the primary dysfunction involved in this condition. Typically for those who have or are developing type 2 diabetes, there is too much glucose in the bloodstream. The reason is because the body struggles with regulating insulin.

While it’s important for insulin to be controlled in order to regulate blood sugar levels, this is still a narrow view of a complex problem. To truly improve a diabetic’s health condition, the problem that is causing the insulin issue must be identified and addressed. Trying to ‘fix’ a blood sugar problem or an insulin problem through medication doesn’t resolve the condition’s root causes.

The first step in holistic care for type 2 diabetes is a consultation with a health care practitioner who is prepared to go beyond the standard approach of trying to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels through medication. A holistic approach differs from standard health care, because it considers all aspects of the individual’s health condition together. Most people who have or are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes do not realize all that may involved, including immune issues, gut problems, hormone imbalance and more. Nothing acts in isolation in the body; all systems, organs and glands are interconnected. A comprehensive, holistic approach involves exploring every aspect of your health condition in order to find the root causes of any imbalances or dysfunctions.

A consultation with a functional neurologist can get you started with understanding what exactly may be going on with your health, and what could be behind your health problem. A functional neurologist who is experienced in providing proper care for people with diabetes and other chronic health issues will be able to learn a lot about your condition simply by talking with you. Taking the time to learn about your health history, your symptoms, and your lifestyle is the first step in understanding your health status. Answering questions you may have about how the practitioner might be able to help you is another vital part of the process the best consultation for diabetes will involve.