More and more, concussion problems are being blamed for a variety of health issues. What were once seen as just momentary problems are now seen for the series health issues that they are. The problem is many people still don’t really understand how to address concussions and really don’t know what to do when they’ve suffered one. A functional wellness practitioner can help with your concussion problems and help keep your brain healthy. This way, you can be sure that you are giving your brain the attention it deserves and not simply brushing this off.

One reason that concussions were not understood as serious is because people couldn’t see the damage. Often, a person would take a big hit in a game and come out for a few plays. A doctor or a coach would perform a cursory heath exam to see if the player knew where they were and then send them back on the field. For years, nothing was seen as wrong with this approach. Now, however, people understand just how serious concussions are and just how lasting their effects can be. By addressing concussion symptoms immediately, it is possible to keep your brain healthy and prevent the serious problems concussions can cause.

Concussions have been shown to cause major problems for certain people as they age. They develop what is known as “tau” in the brain, which essentially clogs up the synapses and prevents neurotransmitters from allowing the brain to communicate. Essentially, it is similar to Alzheimer’s, but instead of dementia the problems are suicidal thoughts, erratic behavior, and problems with anger. It can lead to a person losing all control and harming not only themselves but also loved ones. A functional wellness practitioner can help keep the brain clear of this “tau” and help prevent these health problems.

A functional wellness practitioner with neurological training can help identify issues within the brain and develop a therapy plan based around your specific health needs. By addressing problems within the brain and within the spine, you can be sure that your mental health is taken care of after a series of concussions. This can help you live a long, happy life, even after significant sports injuries or other traumatic blows to the head. The brain is the most important part of the body, so keeping it healthy should be a person’s number one concern, especially if they have suffered a concussion.

If you have played sports, been in a car accident, or suffered a blow to the head and experienced a concussion, a functional wellness practitioner can help keep you healthy. By carefully analyzing the brain and identifying problems within it, they will create a personalized therapy plan based around your specific brain needs. This way, you can keep yourself healthy no matter how many or how serious your concussion may have been. To learn more about how to keep your brain healthy and enjoy a long life, contact a functional wellness practitioner right away.