A concussion occurs when a hit, jolt or other type of impact forces the brain against the skull and causes an injury that briefly impairs brain function. Common causes of concussions or other traumatic brain injuries are car accidents, falls and collisions during recreational sports. Concussions can range from mild to severe and it’s important to understand that sustaining a concussion doesn’t always mean losing consciousness.

If your child suffers from a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, it is important to take it seriously and not overlook any symptoms, even though the symptoms may not seem like a big deal. This is because the effects of a concussion can affect one well into the future, and the likelihood of suffering another concussion increases after sustaining the first one.

It’s very important to allow the proper amount of healing time for brain injuries, and rehabilitation may be necessary. Many people struggle with brain injury problems or continual symptoms from a concussion that they can’t seem to get rid of, even with the help of their primary care doctor. Unfortunately, traditional medicine doesn’t offer many options for those who suffer brain injuries. Patients are often told that it’s fine to resume normal activity after their symptoms subside even though this may be too soon.

The good news is that functional neurologists are offering patients other options. These specialists are highly trained in brain-based rehabilitation. They understand the science of the brain and how to get the brain functioning again after an injury or concussion. They do this by utilizing a proven step-by-step process with each patient that involves comprehensive testing to determine the areas of the brain that are not functioning properly. A customized care plan, based on their individual needs, is developed for each patient that is designed to help their brain re-establish the pathways within itself.

Many patients are achieving great success working with a functional neurologist, even if they’ve been suffering from their symptoms for many years. The care that they offer is customized, comprehensive, safe and effective. It’s designed to help patients get back on the path to making a huge difference in the way they feel and function after their injury. Don’t suffer needlessly from symptoms that can greatly affect the quality of your life when there are other options available to you. Learn how a functional neurologist can help.