The human body can be fully functional if all the parts are working in perfect unison. This means proper communication between the brain and the rest of the body. The body receives commands from the brain and is able to give feedback for whatever actions it takes. Thus all the systems need to be working perfectly to ensure all commands are interpreted properly. All the organs in the immune system, the endocrine system and the brain must work together form optimum health.

Some events can occur that will result in an imbalance within these systems, making it impossible for the body to perform all of its functions properly. For instance, brain injuries can result in different complications that may make it hard for the brain to issue commands to different body parts. This may in turn result in many negative implications, like severe headaches and other neurological complications that generally reduce the quality of life for that patient.

A functional neurologist is a good option for help with brain injuries. They will start with a comprehensive evaluation. The patient’s social life, physical condition and anything else that he/she engages in will be evaluated. This understanding should enable the functional neurologist to determine the root cause of the severe headaches or neck pains  that someone with a concussion experiences. They will assist patients to develop a suitable therapy program.

Although someone visiting a different medical clinic may have medicine or drugs prescribed to them. This is only meant to fight the symptoms and not the root cause of the persistent headaches and neck pains. It is through in-depth understanding and chiropractic therapy that someone can truly be able to understand the cause. Concussions result when the brain suffers an excessive impact, which in turn causes movement of some of the soft tissues. The slightest movement of such tissues can result in severe headaches and other complications that may be manifested through neck pains, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, poor balance, photophobia, fogginess, tinnitus, depression and hallucinations. To help a patient manage the situation, functional neurologists try to manipulate the thoracic and cervical area using special procedures aimed at making the body initiate its own mechanisms of dealing with the problem.

People going through concussion therapy therefore tend to undergo a more sustainable healing process. Concussions are a widespread condition since people engage in different activities including sports, where the chances of being hurt are high. This problem needs to be addressed immediately to prevent persistence of the negative implications of the condition.