When someone suffers a concussion their brain rocks rapidly back and forth in their head, the trauma causes the brain to scramble and often, it can’t function correctly. While most people will go to the doctor and be out within a day, they will normally stop their care at that. Most think that just because they received care right away that they are done and there’s nothing more left to do. What many patients often don’t realize is that concussions cause damage to the brain that doesn’t just go away.

In fact, there are actually chemicals released by the brain after the initial injury that can cause functionality problems immediately and well into the future. This is why so many people experience problems years after they have a concussion, even though they don’t realize that it’s caused from that injury. Individuals who want to find better care for their concussions may be able to find it through a functional neurologist. These experts specialize in providing therapy that focuses on gradually building new connections in the brain.

Benefits of Concussion Therapy

Functional neurologists understand the brain, which means they know how concussions can affect different areas of it. When people first visit them, they will actually go through a number of different tests that are designed to pinpoint exactly what areas of the brain aren’t functioning correctly. Most testing sessions will last for a couple of hours, which is necessary for the doctors to determine everything they need to know. After that is done, they will be able to get started with the sessions for therapy, which aim to help patients regain functionality that they had lost due to those concussions.

There are a number of innovative therapy options that doctors can use on their patients. The therapies used will depend on the results of their tests and what they can benefit from the most. Fortunately these doctors understand a considerable amount about the brain and know what it takes to help create new connections. This can give some people their functionality back. This can bring a lot of relief and be life changing for most people, especially if they have not been able to find reasons why they weren’t feeling good in the first place.

Finding Help

Many people don’t have answers for why they feel the way that they do. They go to their doctor and take tests, but none of the answers provided seem to help. This is why it’s so important to see a different kind of doctor, one who doesn’t just ask you what your symptoms are and then move you on to the next step. If you want to find help for concussions you had recently or even in the past, then Denver concussion doctors can help out. They focus on therapy that occurs over the course of many sessions, as this is what it takes to rebuild connections and make new ones. Help is out there for those who want answers; it just takes a visit to the right professional!