Sports concussions are a cause for concern for multiple reasons, and it’s important you’re properly evaluated and receive the best possible care for rehabilitation. Sports injuries that involve even a seemingly minor ‘bump on the head’ should be taken seriously. Be sure to seek care right away after a head injury, especially if you have symptoms such as nausea, slurred speech, blurred vision or dizziness.

Remember that an individual does not necessarily lose consciousness in the case of concussion; it’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to sports injuries that involve the head. Never assume that because you were wearing protective headgear, your injury can’t be serious. Under no circumstances should someone who’s suffered a significant head injury return to sports play without being checked out by a healthcare provider. Secondary concussions are extremely dangerous. They can even be deadly.

Immediate medical care can help prevent serious injury to the brain in the case of a concussion. It can help with pain management and reduce the risk of serious problems related to brain swelling or a second concussion. Yet sometimes concussions cause problems days or weeks after the injury. In some cases, symptoms are ongoing.

If you’re struggling with the effects of a head injury that occurred some time ago, it isn’t too late to attain relief from debilitating symptoms. Even if help from your regular healthcare provider has failed you, you can still recover optimum wellness with the right therapeutic support. If you’ve been told symptoms are just something you’ll need to learn to live with or that you’ll need medication to manage symptoms for the rest of your life, consider an alternative approach. A practitioner who is trained in functional neurology has a lot to offer, including long-term solutions that improve your overall health and brain function without the use of medications.

A functional neurologist will take a comprehensive approach to evaluating your condition. Through extensive testing utilizing today’s latest technology, it’s possible to identify which areas of your brain are failing to function properly. Once those areas are pinpointed, a customized rehabilitation plan that works to improve your brain function in very specific ways can be implemented. The results of your plan will be measurable, and the solutions will be long term.

Functional neurology care for sports related concussions can achieve results where other types of healthcare fails because it is customized. Not all brain injuries are the same, and neither are any two individuals. The level of complexity concussions involve puts proper evaluation and therapeutic support for ongoing symptoms out of reach of most healthcare providers. Functional neurologists by contrast focus on helping individuals by gaining very in-depth insights into exactly what is causing their patients’ symptoms. Evaluations are always comprehensive and highly specific, and care is always customized.

It’s possible to feel better if you’re suffering with the effects of sports-related concussions that happened recently or even several years ago. It’s very likely the type of brain-based rehabilitation a functional neurologist can provide, will help improve your health and your quality of life with safe, natural therapeutic support.