Concussions are extremely common today and some people, especially those involved in sports are at an increased risk for them. What many concussion sufferers don’t realize is that therapy is important for this type of injury, as the brain doesn’t just “go back to normal” after a set amount of time. In fact, many people suffer problems with their functionality due to concussions, but they don’t realize that their problems actually stem from the concussion. This can lead to a lot of doctor’s appointments where solutions aren’t found and questions aren’t answered.

Individuals who have had concussions, even those that occurred a long time ago, need to see chiropractic neurologists. These experts understand more about the brain and body than most people realize. They go through years of specialized training, learning how different injuries affect the brain, what tests can determine the problem areas and therapy options that can provide relief from symptoms. They are the ones who may be able to provide answers when regular physicians cannot.

What Happens During a Concussion?

When a concussion occurs, the head and brain are moved back and forth rapidly, which causes a lot of different things to happen. First, there are brain cells that are damaged, and those may result in a variety of different functionality problems for the sufferer. In addition to this, there are chemicals released by those damaged brain cells that continue to release into the future. Those can cause imbalances in the brain that trigger other functionality problems later in time, which people generally go and see their doctor about.

Why See a Functional Neurologist?

While doctors can certainly prescribe medications that may be able to mask symptoms, those really don’t get to the root of the problem. Fucntional neurologists are different, because they want to find out what the root of the problem is so they can solve the problem from the inside. They don’t focus only on your symptoms, but a variety of tests that let them know what kind of imbalances you’re currently dealing with. These tests even give them insight as to which areas of your brain are damaged and what that damage might be doing to the rest of your body as a result.

Their therapy is geared towards increasing functionality through rehabilitation of the brain. They want to see new cells grow where the damaged ones were, and that can happen through the different therapy techniques that are being utilized today. The brain is an amazing powerhouse that is highly capable, and rehabilitation can help out dramatically. Many practitioners in this field now have more tools than ever to help people find relief from their symptoms so they feel better and gain back much of the functionality that they lost.

Concussion rehab is a way of looking at care for the brain. It focuses on finding solutions that might make you feel better without pills, medications or even surgery. If you want to find answers and receive truly comprehensive care, then seeing a functional neurologist is a very good choice.