Individuals who experience migraine headaches know that the results of the condition often affect their quality of life in a negative way. In addition to the severe pain one feels when suffering from such a headache, he or she may also experience nausea, fatigue, and an extreme sensitivity to light. In many cases, sufferers must drop whatever they are doing and lie in a dark, quiet room until the pain subsides. It is important to speak to a migraine doctor if one is experiencing such headaches, so that the proper treatment can be pursued.

Alternative Options

In many cases, traditional treatments fail to offer optimum results to migraine sufferers. Fortunately, there is another alternative, which has become the light at the end of the tunnel for many individuals. Those for whom conventional medications and other therapies have offered only mild relief should consider seeking chiropractic care. This is because such therapy goes beyond the standard measures offered by the medical community and focuses on the person as a whole, rather than merely a list of neurological symptoms. For example, those who seek help and support from a reputable and trustworthy chiropractor will have the opportunity to explore a broad range of therapies that may help decrease the frequency and severity of their headaches. Many individuals have had impressive results after pursuing this alternative.

How Chiropractic Care is Different

A qualified chiropractor will strive to find the cause of the patient’s migraine headaches. This is different from traditional medical care, the latter of which focuses primarily on treating symptoms. The therapies offered by experienced chiropractors will ideally include functional neurology, endocrinology, and immunology. This is because these disciplines are what make each patient unique. Therefore, rather than a one-size-fits-all plan of care, chiropractic therapy can be customized to meet the individual needs of each person. In addition, each patient’s health history is taken into consideration during the initial evaluation. For example, the needs of a migraine sufferer who also has a weakened immune system may differ from those of a person whose thyroid gland is malfunctioning. By obtaining a complete and thorough profile of each client, a reputable chiropractor can pinpoint the type of therapy that will offer the best results in the least amount of time.

Comprehensive Care Versus Medication

In many cases, the only help offered by a migraine doctor is medication. However, many individuals have negative reactions to painkillers, such as nausea, sleepiness, irritability and fatigue. One should also not overlook the fact that many types of painkillers are associated with potential for abuse. For this reason, anyone who suffers from migraine headaches should consider chiropractic care. This is because such care is comprehensive in nature, and focuses on the mind-body connection and supporting the person as a whole, rather than merely trying to control symptoms. In addition, an entire orthopedic exam is administered when one chooses a qualified chiropractor. This is done in order to determine if perhaps the headaches are a side effect of another condition. As previously mentioned, migraine headaches can negatively affect a person’s life in many ways, and therefore anyone suffering from this disorder has everything to gain and nothing to lose by seeking chiropractic evaluation.