Diabetes occurs when insulin is not properly delivering glucose to your cells in order to produce energy and growth. This can be because of insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) or because your body is not able to produce insulin (type 1 diabetes). Because it can cause severe health complications if it’s not managed properly, it is not a disease to be taken lightly.

Type 1 diabetes is actually an autoimmune disorder that shuts down your body’s ability to produce insulin. Patients with type 1 diabetes have to inject insulin for the rest of their lives.

Of the 29 million Americans that have diabetes, 90% have type 2, which is largely caused by lifestyle, diet and genetics. The American diet of processed foods that are high and fat and sugar is definitely contributing to the rise in the number of diabetics, and even more frightening, diabetes in children.

Diabetes is a growing problem in industrialized countries, primarily due to a lack of lifestyle education and physical activity, as well as the consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrient, processed foods. The diabetic community is typically given no medical direction to restore their health. Instead, some diabetics are given the same advice of diet, exercise and lose weight, which is ineffective, at reversing diabetes.

Another contributing factor is lack of exercise and fitness. Did you know that our ancestors moved 5 times more than we do today? Movement is a required part of life and many of us are becoming more sedentary. Exercise has many benefits for our health including helping to burn calories, helping your body to filter waste, and helping to control your cravings and hunger signals. However, it is important to understand what types of exercise are right for you. You can actually work out smarter not harder.

Finding the right care for your specific condition is very important if you want to take steps to reverse your type 2 diabetes. With the traditional model for care, type 2 diabetes is often managed with medication; the bad news is that medications are designed to regulate blood sugar, not alleviate the cause of the blood sugar issue. This means that patients using medications to regulate their blood sugar may still suffer from symptoms, and worse yet undesirable side effects from the medication.

However, many patients are achieving success in not only controlling their type 2 diabetes, but also reversing it when they work with chiropractic neurology. This type of practitioner offers safe, natural and effective care that is focused on your specific needs. It begins with comprehensive testing to determine what’s causing your diabetes and then works to correct those imbalances with customized care. If you’re ready for a different approach to care that is focused on long-term results, then you’re ready to seek out a chiropractic neurologist.