Have you been to every doctor or care provider who claims they are a “specialist” with diabetes, but all they do is offer you medications and lackluster care? With such an important health issue, the care you receive should be nothing but extraordinary. In situations like these, it’s recommended to see an alternative care provider such as a functional neurologist. With an emphasis on quality care that focuses on your overall health, they can play a key role in helping you with your diabetes overall.

Why Functional Neurology?

Unlike traditional doctors, functional neurologists focus on finding the underlying causes of health issues so they can work towards correcting them. With diabetes, in particular, they look at the entire body to learn which issues may be triggering symptoms or making blood sugar issues worse. They are able to do this by providing each of their patients with comprehensive testing that looks beyond diabetes. By shifting the focus, they’re able to create an entire picture of each individual’s health to better understand which issues need to be addressed.

Your functional neurologist will also provide you with a personalized wellness plan that includes solutions that are tailored to your dysfunctions, deficiencies, imbalances, etc. This won’t include prescription drugs, as they use natural solutions that are meant to heal by giving the body exactly what it needs. While you should never stop taking diabetes medications until you speak with your doctor, it can be beneficial to discuss those you’re taking with your functional neurologist.

Why Is Quality Help So Important?

Diabetes isn’t a condition that will go away overnight or at all, for most. While you may be able to minimize symptoms, that’s only possible with hard work and the help of a knowledgeable care provider, such as a functional neurologist. Their evidence-based approach and knowledge of how this condition plays a role in health overall is crucial to being able to make positive changes. Some of the biggest advantages of their care include:

– Personalized Wellness Plan

– Personalized Testing

– Drug-Free Solutions

– Longer Appointments

– Focus on Whole-Body Health

– Focus on Patient Education

– Extensive Experience with Diabetes

Experiencing Better Care

When it comes to dealing with diabetes, it’s not the number of appointments that matter, it’s the quality of them. After all, what good will weekly appointments do if they’re not helping improve your symptoms or health? Functional neurologists understand this, which is why they provide patients with all the tools they need to achieve better health by properly managing their diabetes. With their help, you can learn more about your diabetes, your overall health, and what your body truly needs to thrive.

While the road to improved health will be a long one, it will be positive when you’re working with a care provider who makes your health a priority. They’ll teach you just as much as they’ll help you so you can begin playing a bigger role in taking better care of yourself.