Diabetes is a complex disease that is affecting more and more Americans each year. It’s estimated that around 24 million Americans currently suffer from diabetes and 6 million of those folks don’t even realize that they have diabetes. This is not a disease to be taken lightly as it can lead to other health complications, even as severe as kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, and amputation.

Due to the nature of type 1 diabetes, the body completely stops producing insulin. So patients with this type of diabetes have to have insulin injections for a lifetime. But there is good news however, for those with type 2 diabetes. Did you know that with the right guidance and care for your diabetes, it’s actually possible to manage type 2 diabetes in some cases?

Type 2 is the most prevalent as it accounts for about 90% of those who suffer from diabetes. Since type 2 diabetes is largely caused by diet and lifestyle, this presents a great opportunity for patients to take charge of their health and learn to control and sometimes reverse type 2 diabetes. The first step is to find the right practitioner to work with.

Because traditional medicine typically focuses on symptom management, it may be best to seek out a more comprehensive approach for your care. Diabetes is complex and very serious, and this is why you need an expert in this field who is well trained and specializes in tough diabetes cases. A functional neurologist may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Functional neurology focuses on causes and mechanisms of the diabetes. This means that instead of just managing symptoms, your practitioner is striving to control what’s causing your diabetes. This in turn, allows your body to naturally help itself and begin the healing process, which allows you to start feeling better. This is done through comprehensive testing to get to the root cause of your diabetes, and customized care that is based on your individual needs and not a “one size fits all” model for care.

It’s important to work with a practitioner who understands the mechanisms of diabetes. Did you know that the pancreas is not the only organ involved in keeping your blood sugar normal? Your provider should also be checking your liver, adrenal glands and thyroid along with your pancreas, as these organs also play a role in blood sugar regulation. If this is ignored, you’re just going to continue to get worse as time goes on.

Diabetes is too dangerous for you to settle for the standard model of care. A functional neurologist will offer you care that is safe, effective and drug-free. So many patients experience horrible side effects from their medication. If your doctor is not investigating the factors of what is driving your blood sugar high then your doctor is probably blocking your ability to get better and enjoy the life you deserve.