Living with diabetes makes every day a struggle. Because the body cannot efficiently process blood sugar, it results in hyperglycemia if not properly controlled. Poorly controlled diabetes can affect every organ in the body, from our heart, kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels. Poor control can lead to kidney failure, neuropathy, or even chronic ulcers of the lower legs and feet. Most individuals use a combination of insulin or oral medications, along with diet and exercise to control his or her diabetes. The silver lining to living with diabetes is that for many people, Type 2 diabetes can be completely controlled with mindful diet and exercise. Because diabetes affects the full body, a holistic approach to lifestyle change is best.

This is a problem that is rapidly getting worse. Currently, approximately 8% of all adults suffer from diabetes, with the economic cost in the United States at more than $500 billion. This says nothing of the human toll of shortened lives, lost memories, and the constant worry that comes with living with this condition. Unfortunately, children younger and younger are forced to live with a condition that used to only affect middle aged adults. The younger a person develops this disease, the greater the likelihood that they could suffer from adverse side effects.

Conventional medicine tells a patient that this is something that cannot be corrected. The tell a patient that the only way to effectively manage their Type 2 diabetes is through insulin therapy. This can make a patient feel like a victim and make them feel that they have little control over their diabetes. Instead, they are forced to constantly monitor their blood sugar, constantly take their insulin, and constantly live in fear of the adverse effects of diabetes. This almost become a self-fulfilling prophecy: the patient feels they have no control over their diabetes, so they don’t bother to try, leading to more adverse effects.

Fortunately, there are other options. A functional wellness practitioner will work with a patient to develop a personalized approach to their diabetes. By testing their blood sugar, identifying lifestyle changes based on their individual needs, and working to help the patient take control of their diabetes, it is entirely possible to live free of this constant worry. In fact, it is entirely possible to completely reverse your Type 2 diabetes. Because lifestyle plays such a huge role in who develops this disease, by correcting their lifestyle problems people find that they feel better than they have in their entire lives. This helps a person not just live with diabetes but thrive with it.

If you want to take control of your diabetes and give your body the tools it needs to reverse it, contact a functional wellness practitioner and learn your options. With a personalized, all-natural approach to diabetes, it is possible to give your body the tools it needs to reverse its diabetes. To learn more about how a holistic, functional medicine approach can help your diabetes, contact a functional wellness practitioner right away!