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3 signs you may have Post-Concussion Autonomic Dysfunction

Wednesday, October 26th at 6:00 pm

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    Autonomic nervous system dysfunction is also know as dysautonomia.

    Dysautonomia can be caused by genetic disorders, chronic illness, and infections but, did you know that it can also be caused by a concussion and TBI?

    Management of persistent symptoms following any head injury can be frustrating and confusing. 

    Along with common post-concussion symptoms you may suffer from additional symptoms if the autonomic nervous system has also been affected.

    Some of these symptoms include dizziness, nausea and a racing heart. 

    Join us for this month’s FREE webinar as we discuss the intricacies of what happens when a concussion also affects your autonomic nervous system. 


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    Everyone that works here is very kind and caring. The doctors spend lots of time asking questions and testing to make sure that whatever health issues you are having get solved. They don’t try to just cover up your problems with medications. My experience here has been so much better than any of the traditional doctors that I’ve been too. I feel better now than I have in 14 years!

    Salena F.

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    “11 months ago. I was at work, I worked at a hospital. All of a sudden I felt faint, lightheaded, about to pass out.  After an hour I went home, the symptoms progressed from there. The dizziness, lightheadedness, I even started developing a tremor. I Couldn’t walk, I was very off balance, I couldn’t walk by myself for the last year. I haven’t been able to do anything by myself. I haven’t been able to shower by myself. I’ve had to have someone there with me constantly. Now, after just a few days at integrated health systems, I can walk by myself, stand by myself, I’m normal!  My favorite part about my time at integrated health is the amount of time that you have spent with me. All of the specialists that I have seen, the most anyone spent with me was 5 minutes.”

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     “I highly recommend Dr. Steadman! He’s the first physician who has been able to provide answers to my health problems.”

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