Any time a child suffers a head injury, it should be taken seriously. Concussions, which are mild traumatic brain injuries, can occur without the child losing consciousness. They can happen even if a helmet was protecting the head at the time of injury. There may be no obvious signs something is wrong even when there most certainly is. It’s extremely important for children to have a chance to fully recover from any head injury, because a second injury may be so serious, it turns deadly.

Most adults and children who suffer head injuries feel better within a few days. Symptoms such as headache or dizziness disappear fairly soon. A qualified medical care provider should always evaluate the individual who’s been injured before they return to sports or other activities that may put them at risk for a second injury. But even if your child is cleared to return to play and feels fine, that may not be the end of brain injury symptoms.

Sometimes children do not recover as fully or as quickly as expected. They continue to experience symptoms like irritability, head pain, difficulties with concentration, troubles with balance and other physical, cognitive or emotional difficulties. In such cases, a functional neurologist can help with safe, gentle and natural therapeutic support that supports full recovery. Functional neurology does not utilize drug therapy, so there are no unwanted side-effects or potential health risks with this type of care.

It isn’t always easy to tell what is going on when a child seems unwell, and it may be difficult to spot the signs of ongoing symptoms due to head trauma if they occur long after the injury took place. Functional neurologists rely on very specific testing to evaluate brain function in multiple ways. There is no guesswork involved in evaluating children. Comprehensive evaluation will get to the bottom of what’s going on with your child’s nervous system, including brain-body connections and any imbalances or dysfunctions throughout the body that may be impacting her wellness or health.

Functional neurologists rely on in-depth testing and today’s latest techniques in therapeutic support for brain injury to help their patients. Each individual benefits from customized care and therapeutic support that is precisely suited for their unique needs. As a result, the care functional neurologists provide tends to be efficient as well as highly successful in resolving symptoms associated with head injury.

There’s no need to wait to see if symptoms will linger if your child experiences a head injury. A functional neurologist can help right away with a full evaluation and therapy that supports efficient, full recovery. A proactive approach may help your child avoid long-term struggles with symptoms of head injury. Supporting the healing process may also minimize the risk of an additional injury occurring before recovery is complete.