Although there are a number of causes for headaches, research shows there are many types of headaches that originate from mechanical problems in the neck. Some headaches, like cluster or migraine headaches, are associated with vascular problems. These frequently include vomiting and/or nausea and can be extremely immobilizing and require rest in a dark, peaceful area sometimes for a few hours or even a whole day.

Other headaches are classified as “tension” headaches. This type of headache results from tightness of the muscles in the upper back and neck caused by stress, not enough sleep, work, and trauma such as whiplash, sinusitis, and others. Throbbing can be experienced in the upper neck or the back of the head in addition to the frontal, sinus region, top, or sides of the head. It can fluctuate from a pulsating pain to an ache or continuous pain.


A chiropractor will want to discuss the history of your headache problem. They will want to know how and when the headache started. This may bring to the light the actual “cause” of the headaches such as a fall or some other type of injury. They may also look at food allergies.

Studies prove that spinal manipulation is an effective therapy choice for tension headaches and headaches that begin in the neck. In 2001, researchers at Duke University Evidence Based Practice-Center in Durham, NC discovered that spinal manipulation provided nearly immediate improvement for headaches that begin in the neck, had considerably fewer side effects, and granted enduring relief of tension type headaches than the usual prescribed medications.

Additionally, a recent study showed that spinal manipulative therapy is a helpful therapy for acute tension headaches, and those who ended chiropractic therapy after four weeks experienced an incredible therapeutic benefit.


Your initial visit to your chiropractor will consist of a consultation, exam, and perhaps an x-ray to assist with understanding your condition. After your condition is entirely understood, your chiropractor will give details about your test and x-ray results, and prepare a therapy plan tailored to your needs.

Specialists in chiropractic care are put through considerable training to help and support their patients in various ways. They understand the way that tension within the spine is related to problems in differing sections of the entire body, and they can perform various techniques to alleviate the discomfort. Your chiropractor will only use highly skilled, placid manipulations to fine tune your spine.

A chiropractic doctor may carryout any one or several therapies on the following list if you are suffering from a primary headache:

-Perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to enhance spinal function and ease the discomfort on your system
-Offer nutritional recommendations, by suggesting a diet change and perhaps additional supplements
-Provide suggestions on ergonomics, posture, relaxation techniques and exercises.


Your body will continue to heal after the pain has ceased. By continuing with chiropractic corrections, you help to retrain your vertebrae to maintain healthy positions. Your nervous system will function more adeptly and your body will be more capable of healing itself. Over time, a healthy diet, exercise, and intermittent visits to the chiropractor will help you remain healthy, pain-free, and live a more fulfilling life. There are also chiropractic teams that offer headache help in Denver utilizing chiropractic and additional natural techniques that help to balance the body’s energies.