What has your experience been like so far when it comes to getting help for your diabetes? Did it start with a basic test with your regular care provider, and end with a prescription and some generic advice? If you’re frustrated with lackluster care, then it’s important to know that you may not be seeing the right type of professional. While your regular medical professional is crucial to see for certain health problems, they generally can’t provide the comprehensive care that’s so necessary for diabetes. You’re not out of options though, as a functional neurologist can provide you with the help that you want and need.

Advantages of Functional Neurology

Shifting the Focus

One of the best things about functional neurology is that they approach your diabetes care in a unique way. Unlike regular practitioners, they focus on the causes of your symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves. After all, wouldn’t you rather know the cause of a leaky faucet rather than just put tape on it and hope the leaking stops? With something like diabetes, you can’t just take medications to make it go away. There’s no magical overnight cure, but you may be able to relieve many of your symptoms by finding the causes and addressing them naturally.

Your functional neurologist will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the root causes of your diabetes. They know that they need the facts in order to help you, and that addressing the problem at the source will give you the best chance of feeling better. Their holistic approach to care will be something you’re not used to, but once you have it you’ll likely enjoy it.

Comprehensive Testing

Because functional neurologist’s work based on facts, they have to give you comprehensive testing before they develop a wellness plan just for you. This type of testing is very well something you’ve never had before, so it might take longer than you’re used to. It will be worth it, as the information your practitioner gets from the tests will tell them what is really causing your diabetes and symptoms to come to a surface. By expanding the focus from one area of the body to the entire body, you will learn more about your health and what is really going on with your systems.

Individual Solutions

If you want personalized care rather than a generic prescription, then a functional neurologist is the right professional for you. They will use the results from your tests to develop a customized wellness plan that takes into account what your body needs in order to heal. Once you start taking advantage of these things, you may find that many of your symptoms begin to disappear and you feel much better. Natural healing does take time, however, so you have to be committed to long-term care and making permanent lifestyle changes. If you do this, then you will give yourself the best chance of experiencing better health for a long time to come.