I first came to Integrated Health Systems and we discovered I suffered from Hashimoto’s disease, blood sugar issues, fatigue, brain fog,  and difficulty with weight loss.

Much better. I still have a long way to go before I have achieved optimal health, but I am well on my way and am in a much healthier place now, than this time last year. I look forward to continuing my journey to health and I am comforted knowing that I have such a great support team behind me.

The first thing they did was help me understand how we needed to get my immune system under control. But, the approach was very focused on entire systems, and not just an individual organ or symptom. I appreciate this approach, because our bodies are so complex. When it comes to endocrine systems issues, the entire system must be treated. We started with some things to get my immune system in a better place, as well as some brain exercises. From there, we moved into focusing on more specific areas that need attention.

Jessica E, Denver, CO