We NEVER rely on the medical opinions of others to guide treatment. Instead, we start from the beginning, to embark on a road to lasting health and function after a concussion or brain injury.

We Help Patients Suffering with Concussion and Brain Injuries.

A concussion can affect your quality of life due to the many ways it affects different areas of your brain and the complex symptoms and problems that can occur.

Dealing with this type of injury can be stressful because of the long-term effects that can result, there is a solution!

Our dynamic team of concussion and brain injury doctors at Integrated Brain Centers focuses on rehabilitation for concussions through the cutting-edge science and technologies of Chiropractic Neurology and Functional Medicine. This approach is the best method for rehabilitating the brain and restoring function because we provide evidenced based results you can measure.

We truly are a category of one and a rare team that looks at all aspects of health for concussion and brain injury rehabilitation.

Our approach starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your body as a whole. 

We want to understand your particular “brain-body connection” so we can determine what is missing and not functioning properly. Part of our evaluation will include an in depth neurological exam, including: orthopedic, spinal, physical, and of other neurological evaluations.

It is important to have full knowledge of all your body systems and how they are working with each other. Only then can we begin to get a complete picture of your unique situation and brain-body connection to develop the proper treatment plan for your success.

Some of the comprehensive evaluation measures we use are:

ihs icon Computerized Blind Spot Evaluation.
ihs icon Vestibulo-Ocular Testing.
ihs icon Optokinetic Nystagmus Testing.
ihs icon Computerized Timing and Planning.
ihs icon Vestibular and Cerebellum Assessments.
ihs icon Coordination Testing.
ihs icon Mental Status Evaluations.
ihs icon Motor Testing for Muscular Imbalances.
ihs icon Sensory Perception Tests.

With the information learned, we focus on the proper therapies for rehabilitation of your concussion or brain injury. No two injuries are the same — even for the same patient — therefore each patient needs to be treated as a very unique individual during care.

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About Us

The team of Functional Neurologists at Integrated Brain Centers are experts in helping patients of all ages suffering from concussion and brain injuries.

As you begin therapy, our goal is to promote new brain connections in areas that were previously damaged from the concussion.

Once we identify what problems you are having and where the damage is, we will use our various therapy techniques to restore brain function in those damaged areas. We have a number of different therapy techniques and each is custom tailored to each unique patient. Your individual progress will be monitored so we can continue to strengthen your brain as you go through care.

How long therapy and rehabilitation for concussion or brain injury is unique for each patient. 

Many times we are asked: “How long will it take to feel better?”

It’s important that patients realize therapy and rehabilitation for concussions and brain injuries takes time and won’t happen overnight.

Just like no two brain injuries are the same, no two patients are the same. Each is unique and the time it takes to restore function is unique as well.

Many people don’t realize after they have a concussion things don’t and won’t automatically “go back to normal.” There are many symptoms that can linger for a considerable amount of time and the damaged areas of the brain can increase over time.

We do not work with patients who are looking for a quick, temporary fix. We want to see real improvements, which happens over time.

Very often we see incredible results in a short time period. But, we only work with patients who are serious about their care and are committed to the process.

None of our work is based on assumptions or guesswork. 

We utilize objective measurements during care, which means looking at graphs, charts and the way patients are progress through their treatment plans to determine how well their brain is functioning and healing.


This is the only way to answer the question: “How do you know I’m getting better?” We answer this question every day for our patients. Because we look at you as a whole, and not just paying attention to your symptoms. Our objective measurements give us a more comprehensive look at whether or not you’re getting better.


If you’ve suffered a concussion or brain injury, we can help. 

We are experts in our field and will use all of our knowledge to get you on the right track as quickly as possible.

Integrated Brain Centers is unique from others for concussion and brain injury care and treatment, because our team of doctors have some of the best education and the best training in the field of neurological rehabilitation.

Working with us means, getting customized, individual therapy and attention for your concussion that will promote better brain function in the future. If you qualify for care with us, you’ll have renewed hope, backed by science and measurable results with all of our concussion and brain injury care.


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