Movement Disorders are a type of neurological disorder that results in abnormal or involuntary movement, or slowed movement.

These are generally classified as hypo-kinetic and hyperkinetic disorders, with many subclassifications. These can be caused by genetic disorders, previous musculoskeletal injury, nerve injury, pathology or medications. While certain types of movement disorders can be very challenging, we will be able to determine a game plan after a complete functional neurological examinations.

About This Condition

Description of Causes

Integrated Brain Centers serves to break these abnormal patterns of movement and retrain them in the appropriate manner. Often, we see that many issues can stem from feedback issues, which is described as the normal neurological input from our body structures to our brain. When this is aberrant, the brain patterns shift in an attempt to deal with the “new” information and thus dysfunction occurs, and in this case involving our muscles, joints, gait patterns, movement and coordination.

Strategies for Help

By recognizing the type of movement disorder and diagnosing the brain and neuro-musculoskeletal pathways involved, we are able to design precise treatment plans to re-establish normal movement patterns.

How We Can Help

We recognize this abnormal pattern, and exchange it for the normal pattern of function by restoring feedback and training the brain through complex neurological exercises, physical rehabilitation, and chiropractic care. Come see how friendly and professional our specialists are, and get taken care of at the same time.

About Us

The team of Functional Neurologists at Integrated Brain Centers are experts in helping patients of all ages suffering from concussion and brain injuries.