Paralysis is a loss of muscle function in one or more areas of the body. It occurs when there is a problem with the brain being able to send signals to the muscle to tell it to move.

Paralysis can occur following strokes, brain injuries, surgeries, impingements, distractions, and other injuries. For some individuals gains are made naturally over time (without intervention from a physician or therapist) and some motor capacity is regained. However, for many people no improvements are observed in their situation for many years following the onset of paralysis.

About This Condition

Moving Forward

While there is currently no cure for permanent paralysis, there are many therapies and mobility aids to help a personal adapt to life by making them as independent as possible. It is also important for those dealing with paralysis to address other health issues that might arise due to their new diagnosis.

Strategies for Help

Balance disorders come in many different varieties. The obvious symptoms include a losing your sense of balance and feelings of dizziness and light headedness. This can lead to vertigo and spatial awareness issues, causing a disconnected feeling. Balance disorders can also cause blurred vision and gait disturbances, walking abnormalities and a feeling of swaying or bumping in to walls or objects, chronic neck or back pain and even early degeneration of joints in the spine and legs.

How We Can Help

We have worked with many paralysis patients and has achieved outstanding results. If the paralysis is caused by an injury to the central nervous system, we are often able to utilize various brain-based therapies to get the brain to communicate with the muscles again. With peripheral injuries the interventions can vary. If the paralysis is caused by a nerve entrapment we use a combination of chiropractic adjustments and myofascial release if we catch it soon enough. Using electrical stimulation, we are often able to help the nerve repair itself and restore function.

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