Are you asking yourself, “Why am I not getting better after my concussion?” or “When will my concussion symptoms go away?”

Some people who suffer a concussion find that their symptoms resolve after 2-8 weeks. However, many others continue to experience a variety of ongoing symptoms after the original traumatic brain injury. This is called post concussion syndrome. Each concussion is unique and so are the symptoms that one may experience. This is why generic treatments or concussion treatment protocols do not always work.

About This Condition

Strategies for Help

In our experience, patients whose symptoms do not resolve are prescribed medications to manage the problem–which rarely results in full recovery from their concussion. When post concussion symptoms do not get better it can be very frustrating, often life changing and frequently debilitating.

If you are continuing to struggle with ongoing symptoms from a traumatic brain injury or concussion, it is important that you undergo post concussion testing that is equipped to evaluate the function of the various areas of the brain. This is a critical step in post concussion treatment since it helps identify the rehabilitation program that will work best for you. Many of our patients say they feel like themselves again and are able to get back to their lives after being supported and guided through their customized concussion neurotherapy program.

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