Standard medicine tends to take a generic approach to type 2 diabetes. Care focuses on controlling blood sugar through medication. The goal really is symptom management rather than improvements in the patient’s health or condition. Tied to medications and side effects, there isn’t much to hope for in terms of feeling better, never mind avoiding the many health risks and potential complications associated with this disease long term. Functional neurology offers care that is much different.

When you work with a functional neurologist, the best you can hope for isn’t just maintaining the status quo. Instead, you can look forward to healing and recovery. With an approach that focuses on finding and addressing the root cause of your condition, you can minimize your reliance on medications. For some, it may even be possible to avoid having to take any medications to control blood sugar.

If you have type 2 diabetes, the underlying cause of your condition is insulin resistance. The most effective care will focus on halting insulin resistance. Comprehensive testing can reveal why insulin resistance is occurring in your body. Then, it’s possible to develop a plan to correct the imbalance or dysfunction at the heart of the problem.

Functional neurologists provide care that is personalized. First, a comprehensive evaluation that includes in-depth lab panels determines the cause of the individual’s insulin resistance. Next, a plan of care that is designed to help the body recover and heal is developed. Each individual plays an active role in his or her own care plan, as dietary and lifestyle changes are undertaken and navigated.

Every individual who works with a functional neurologist is given a tremendous amount of support as they heal. It isn’t always easy to make necessary changes to improve your condition if you have type 2 diabetes, and it is especially difficult to attempt changes on your own. A functional neurologist will partner with you to help you succeed. You’ll learn what you need to do, why you need to do it, plus be given the support you need throughout your program of care.

It’s not uncommon for those with type 2 diabetes to fall into a position of perceived helplessness when it comes to their health. Some mistakenly believe there isn’t much more they can do to really make a difference in their condition besides continuing to take medication and avoid one or two foods. Others hide their heads in the sand altogether and ignore even the minimal dietary advice they may be given by health practitioners. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can take charge of your own health, seek out the support you need to improve your condition, and prevent your diabetes from worsening over time. A functional neurologist can help you regain control, determine the root cause of your health problems, and assist you with healing and recovery.