Sensory Processing Disorder is a Childhood disorder that occurs when the child is unable to organize and integrate sensory signals in the brain.

This problem can result in a multitude of symptoms that include: behavior problems, emotional problems, motor and coordination issues, attention/focus and cognitive issues, problems with self-regulation, impaired self-esteem and poor social skills.

About This Condition

Brain Development & Sensory Integration

The reason sensory processing disorder can occur is simple; the growth and maturation of the entire brain relies on sensory input to build and grow its connections. If this system is impaired, the brain will have challenges developing other areas of the brain dedicated to different skill sets.

5 Basic Senses

With sensory processing disorder, all 5 of the basic senses can be affected. From vision and hearing, children may have a hard time understanding where a stimuli is coming from and what exactly that stimuli is. It can also affect taste; children will have issues with textures or foods, making them picky eaters. Our patients may not even know how to sniff because their sense of smell is so underdeveloped. Lastly, their sense of touch may be under or over sensitive.

Position & Movement Senses

Sensory Processing Disorder can also affect the positioning and movement sensory systems within a child. These systems include:

1. Vestibular System (movement of the head)
2. Proprioception System (movement of the body, joins and muscles)
3. Interoception System (sensations from internal organs)

How We Can Help

We can help resolve your child’s symptoms. Our comprehensive exam will reveal exactly which areas of the brain, including the sensory system, are having problems. From there we typically use a ground up approach to help rebuild and organize the brain. This will include exercises designed to target and strengthen the affected senses. Once this system is normalized, we will then turn our attention to brain exercises that target proper integration and coordination of the senses. From here, the brain will be able to take over and continue to grow and mature normally. This will eliminate or significantly reduce the symptoms your child is experiencing.

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