When many of us were young and played sports, we took shots to the head. We would stagger off the field, come to the sideline, and talk to the coach for a minute. Eventually, we would remember where we were and the coach would put us back in the game, telling us that “we got our bell rung” but were otherwise alright. With modern research, we now know how foolish and how dangerous this approach was. Concussions in children are a serious problem and should be addressed immediately with a qualified professional who can help with any neurological problems.

The biggest danger caused by concussions in children is that a child’s brain is still developing. A developing brain needs to be kept safe in order to ensure that it will allow the child to grow into a healthy adult. When it takes damage from a concussion or a blow to the head, it can cause problems in this development that can have lifelong consequences. By working with a functional wellness practitioner immediately after a concussion, you can prevent these health problems and help keep your child healthy.

Studies have found, however, that is not just concussions that can cause problems within the brain. Rather, it is the accumulation of smaller hits that don’t necessarily result in a concussion that cause the most damage. This means that if your child plays a high contact sport like football or hockey, they are susceptible to the smaller hits that can add up to something major. Even if your child has not experienced a major concussion but plays a sport where hits to the head are routine, you may want to have your child examined for brain issues. This way, you can be sure that your child remains healthy and is able to play the sport he or she loves.

A functional wellness practitioner can run a series of tests that can identify any issues within the brain. Whether it is after a major concussion or just after a series of small blows, you should not ignore cognitive problems within a child. Even if your child seems healthy and has not experienced health issues, you can never be too certain with brain health. A functional wellness practitioner can run exhaustive tests to identify problems in the brain, neck, or spine and work to get them corrected. This way, you can be sure your child is healthy and able to function as they should.

If your child has experienced a concussion or you worry that sports may be impacting their brain, a functional wellness practitioner can help. By running a series of tests and thoroughly examining your child, you can be sure that their brain is healthy and that they are prepared to grow into healthy adults. A functional wellness practitioner can be sure their developing brain stays on the right developmental path. To learn more about how all-natural therapies can help with concussion problems in children, contact a functional wellness practitioner today.