Concussions seem to be the major focus of health care providers for all major sports. As more and more research has been done in the past decade, people have come to realize that these injuries are not minor as once thought but actually are some of the most serious injuries a person can face. It can lead not only to problems with cognition but also with physical problems such as nausea, sensitivity to light, and other problems that need to be addressed and corrected. If you have suffered from a concussion, contact a functional neurologist right away.

One of the most common ways a person suffers a concussion is playing sports. Football is the main culprit, but any sport that has contact can inadvertently lead to a blow to the head. Sports like hockey and basketball have also been shown to cause problems because there is contact between players that can lead to concussions. No matter what contact sport you choose to play and no matter whether you are a child or an older adult, concussions can have a major impact on your quality of life and can cause significant problems if not properly addressed.

Another major cause of concussions is car accidents. Many people think of broken bones, herniated discs, and other physical problems when they think of injuries in these accidents. This means that some people don’t even think to test for a concussion after a car accident. This is very bad idea. A blow to the head can have just as significant an impact as a broken bone and could, in fact, be even worse. After a car accident, it is vital to test for a concussion or any other neurological problems that could lead to problems down the road.

Concussions have proven to be some of the most serious injuries people can face, and in extreme cases have proven to be fatal. This is because most people suffer brain injuries but don’t seek help because they think the symptoms will subside. They ignore the headaches, the mood swings, and the other health issues thinking they will get better. Unfortunately, without proper help, these symptoms will not get better. It is only by taking control of your health and taking control of your brain that you will see these problems alleviate and begin to feel normal again. A functional neurologist can help with these problems and develop a therapy plan based around your specific neurological needs.

If you have suffered concussion problems and think the issues will correct themselves, think again. These problems need to be aggressively corrected in order to ensure that permanent damage is not done to the brain. A functional neurologist will examine your brain, neck, and spine to identify any issues that may exist within it. Once identified, they will develop a course of action to correct these problems and get you back to full health.