Here is a great testimonial from one of our patients who suffered from strokes and was helped by treatment in our clinic.  If you or someone you love is needing help with stroke recovery, please contact us today:

After suffering 2 strokes within a month in the spring of 2012 I was told by doctors that there was no surgery or drug that could fix me or relieve my symptoms of numerous headaches, dizziness/vertigo, and many others too numerous to mention here.  After doing a lot of research on strokes and accidentally coming across Integrated Health we decided to give them a try even though they were across town from where we lived.  Dr. Steadman ran a series of tests to narrow down the part of my brain that was affected and they started my physical therapy from those results.  Jodie took over the physical therapy from there and was an absolute joy to work with!  We ended up moving out of state to sea level, which was the only thing that cured the majority of the headaches, but they were able to help me with a great portion of my vertigo.  I still have issues with my brain communicating with my eyes when it comes to slight elevation changes when I’m walking but a lot of the other symptoms have been greatly reduced.  I believe that had we been able to stay in state and continue the therapy that I would be even more improved than I am now, but I’m thrilled with my current state of health compared to where I was last June when we first walked into their office.  Everyone in the office is extremely knowledgeable from Tara at the front desk handling billing and insurance to Jodie and Jessica handling the P.T., and lets not forget the doctors!  I was continually impressed by Dr. Steadman and Dr. Van Winkle’s knowledge of neurology and everything that was going on inside of my head and my body never felt better than it did after one of Dr. Van Winkle’s adjustments!  They were definitely worth the 80 minute round trip drive every week and I’d do it again if we ever moved back to Denver.  My thanks to everyone at Integrated Health for improving my quality of health in the 11 months that were able to spend together!  We love you guys!!!


Steven P. Acker

Oceanside, CA