When it comes to something as important as your brain, do you really want to take chances wondering if you received the best concussion care possible? Whether the injury was suffered by you, or your child, the steps you take to recovery are incredibly important.

If you don’t want to question that you did everything that you could, then meeting with a functional neurologist is a step in the right direction. Their rehabilitation support can make all the difference with your brain health and wellbeing so you know you’ve been taken care of. Here’s some of what functional neurologists have to offer.

Thorough Evaluation Process

Functional neurologists are unique because of the in-depth approach they use for helping patients. Rather than looking at your eyes to see if there are signs of a problem, they do a full evaluation of your brain and body connection. By doing so, they are able to see if there are any functionality issues that have been caused by damage to the soft tissue of the brain. Some tests they proudly use to help detect these issues include:

– Sensory Testing
– Coordination Assessment
– Physiologic Blind-spot Mapping
– Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
– Laboratory Testing
– Physical Examinations

While you may not be familiar with one or any of these testing options, your functional neurologist is. Their experience and understanding will ensure that you get the safest and most effective care possible.

Personalized Analysis

While a traditional doctor might tell you to rest or prescribe medications to help with symptoms, a functional neurologist will create a personalized rehabilitation plan just for you. This will be based on the analysis they do of your test results, which will reveal any dysfunctions or irregular brain patterns that were detected. When you receive this type of personalized care, you aren’t at risk of being given help for a problem that you don’t have. Overall this results in more effective care that won’t waste your time.

Smart Solutions

Functional neurologists utilize some of the most effective solutions out there for individuals who have suffered from brain injuries. Although you won’t know which solutions are right for you until testing has been completed, some of the most common include:
– Brain-Based Therapies
– Neurological Exercises
– Nutrition Changes

Guidance to Success

Once you’ve been educated about the solutions that will target your dysfunctions and injuries, your functional neurologist will set up appointments to begin rehabilitation. It’s important to commit to these, as each will help bring you closer to better functionality. In time, the progress you make through these appointments may surprise you, as you’re able to do more than ever before.

Safe Care Without Compromise

Concussions and brain injuries should be taken seriously no matter how severe they seem. Even if you did not lose consciousness, there’s a good chance that some type of damage occurred. By taking the time to see a functional neurologist you’ll be taking the first step towards rehabilitation and providing yourself with invaluable peace of mind.