What does thorough concussion care really look like? Is it simply going to the hospital after the injury, taking a week to rest, and then going back to normal life? The truth is, concussion care is so much more than most people think. If you want to recover in the most comprehensive manner possible, then you must look for a care provider who offers the services below.

Thorough Testing

A concussion can cause damage in any area of the brain, depending on the way it was moved during the injury. For this reason, it’s crucial to see a care provider who offers thorough testing. This will help them determine the specific areas of the brain and the body that were impacted during the injury. With this knowledge, they can better determine which solutions are right for you.

While the specific testing you’re given will depend on your symptoms as well as other factors, a few examples of common tests you should ask about include:

– Sensory Perception

– Coordination

– Pursuit and Saccade

– Vestibulo-Ocular

Personalized Brain-Based Therapy Plan

When the brain suffers a concussion, different areas of it can be damaged. This is why you might experience dizziness, loss of memory, blurry vision, or other changes in your everyday well-being after the injury occurs. While the brain is resilient, those areas that were damaged will not immediately recover.

In order to encourage new connections to form, you must work with a care provider who will determine which brain-based therapies are right for you. With this, you can exercise different areas of your brain to promote healing and help re-ignite areas that went dark after the injury. Without this type of personalized therapy plan, rehabilitating the brain can be nearly impossible.

Encouragement for Success

Healing the brain isn’t something that can happen overnight. For this reason, you must make sure the care provider you work with is dedicated to your success. This means educating you about the therapies you’re using, answering your questions, and helping you play an active role in your recovery. With this, you’ll be able to go to each appointment with confidence that you’re working towards improvements. Although you’ll likely experience these improvements yourself, in the beginning, that encouragement is crucial to your success.

Who To See For Help

Functional neurologists are excellent resources for thorough concussion care because they make in-depth testing, personalized therapy, and long-term success a priority for each patient. This type of after-care is something you will not receive with a traditional physician, albeit they are crucial to meet with after the injury initially occurs. Whether you’ve recently suffered a concussion or had one several years ago, it’s never too late to make an appointment to experience the care you need. It can make all the difference with how you feel in the future.