If you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic, it’s up to you to learn to manage your own health. This is true whether you already have a healthcare provider or not. If you want to improve your health and feel as good as you possibly can, opt for care that’s comprehensive. Diabetes care and support is about much more than blood sugar and insulin levels. The time to act is now, because without effective care, diabetes can become increasingly difficult to effectively manage.

Personalized Care

The best plan for improving your health as a diabetic is one that is personalized. The goal should be a customized care and support plan that’s specifically designed to help you achieve optimal health with minimal need for medication. This requires a thorough, comprehensive assessment to determine the types of therapies or interventions that will most benefit you. Then, you’ll need education and support as well as therapeutic care, so you’re customized support plan can be successfully implemented.

In-depth Support

You may have already received dietary or exercise recommendations from your doctor. Yet, it can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to achieve weight loss and increase physical activity on your own. A better option is in-depth support from a medical professional who is focused on helping you get results in these two vitally important areas. With the right support, you can learn to view choices you make about diet and physical activity as directly linked to your health and how you feel. It’s entirely possible to achieve great results when you’re working with a plan and a medical professional that are focused on you.

Long Term Goals

If your goal is managing diabetes, it’s likely you’re primarily focused on the short term goal of getting insulin and blood sugar levels under control. This is extremely important, as doing so will help you minimize the risk of serious health complications. Yet, do you also have a view toward the future? Did you know that with the right care and support, it’s possible to not only ‘manage’ your condition, but experience symptom reversal? Long term goals for your health and wellness can only be achieved if they are part of your care plan.

A Comprehensive Approach

So many factors affect your health and condition as a diabetic. You need more than a medication plan, a diet plan, an exercise plan and a stress reduction plan. You need all of them, and more. To truly begin to regain your health, a comprehensive care plan is essential. Don’t settle for focusing on one piece of the puzzle in either the assessment of your overall health or your care plan.

Functional neurology is an excellent choice for diabetes care, because it takes a comprehensive or ‘whole body’ approach to disease, illness and wellness. A functional neurologist will perform an in-depth analysis and assessment of your condition. Then, a personalized plan for your care can be developed. Working together in close partnership, you’ll begin to implement a diabetes support plan that is designed to achieve measurable results. This will involve safe, gentle, natural therapies and interventions that help you learn to manage your health in the short and long term.