I wanted to share my experience with you because I have been through the
ringer and back seeing many different doctors saying I have one thing
after another.  I was diagnosed with malnutrition because I lost a ton of
weight for no reason.  I would get sick whenever I ate anything and I
wasn’t able to keep the food in me.  I also became anemic, had no bacteria
in my small intestine, no acid in my stomach, calcium deficiency, along
with being tired all the time, depressed, and wanting to sleep my life
away.  I had no idea what was happening to be because when I was younger I
was fine and had a ton of energy however after my paralysis everything
seemed to change.  After all the testing I had done a doctor told me that
I have celiac but I didn’t believe it since I was fine growing up and
because I never heard of celiac disease before that.  I didn’t change my
eating habits completely but I did stop eating dairy, anything fried,
oils, and anything greasy.  I would still get sick but it wasn’t as often
as before.  I started seeing Doctor Steadman and he had me go on the
ClearVite.  While I was following the protocol I felt much better and
didn’t have the stabbing stomach pain that I used to have.  Dr. Steadman
said because I need to be of gluten since I have celiac.  I changed my
eating habits and have been gluten free for a while.  Just a week after
being gluten free I started to feel a little better.  Changing to a gluten
free diet isn’t the easiest thing but it is the best thing when you have
celiac.  I am no longer in pain almost everyday, I’ve gained 20 pounds,
and I am able to use my creativity in the kitchen making new recipes.
Jodie L.

If you want to learn more about celiac disease or have any gluten free
questions please contact our office at 303-781-5617.